• The importance of Vulnerability Scanning

      Whilst it’s imperative to practice good security on infrastructure most companies will do so without testing their work. For instance when implementing edge firewalls or a web application many small businesses will stop once the service is working and assume all is well whilst they may be leaving themselves open to attack.   Internet facing services should be regularly tested to ensure they are next vulnerable to exploitation by a bad actor to gain access to data or a foothold into a wider computer system. This can be achieved by leveraging an external vulnerability scan against the service.

  • Case Study – Microsoft Azure

      Microsoft Azure is a secure server based in the cloud that can be used to replace your physical on site server. We have previously written about how it is more cost effective to rent server space via Azure than to invest the capital and expenditure needed to buy a physical server.   In this case study we will outline the process when went through when transferring one of clients from a physical server to Microsoft Azure.

  • Case Study – Office Move

    Moving offices can seem daunting; IT infrastructure is the core of most businesses and the thought of disconnecting and reconnecting it all can appear overwhelming to business owners. At Shadowfax we have conducted many office moves for our clients and some for ourselves too. In this case study we will look at the unique example and challenges of clients X and Y who were swapping offices. The office move was completed within 1 day and both companies had their IT systems up and running swiftly; within a couple of hours. We have experience with all types of office moves and associated infrastructure. If you are planning an office move do…

  • Case Study – Phishing Simulator

      We have previously written about how phishing attacks are rising, increased risks that working from home bring and shared with you a google quiz test to see if you can spot Phishing bait. Today we are going to share a case study of how we have helped Client X by setting up a phishing simulator and associated reports (identity hidden for security reasons).   Phishing is an entry point for ransomware attacks and is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details. Typically carried out by email spoofing, it often directs users to enter personal information on a fake website, the look…

  • Is politeness impacting the environment?

      How many times have you used email to say thank you? It seems like a simple and polite thing to do; a colleague does us a favour or completes their part of a project well or early and we are genuinely grateful so we automatically fire off a thank you email.   What you may not know is that every single email you send and receive (even spam) have a carbon footprint. Where does the carbon footprint of emails come from?

  • Case Study – Remote Working

      The pandemic has changed the way many of our customers need to work; the immediate shift to compulsory home working provided an urgent need to be able to securely access emails and important files outside of the office environment. Remote working started off for most as an urgent temporary need, but with many workers enjoying their reduced commute, increased flexibility and environmental benefits it has arrived with a bang and is certainly here to stay.   Remote working certainly has strong benefits, but it does require some investment to ensure that it can be done securely and to ensure that team members can continue to work as efficiently and…

  • Case Study – Security

      Shadowfax recommend that their IT Support clients attend regular quarterly business reviews to ensure that we are providing the best IT Infrastructure and cyber security. At a recent Quarterly business review for client X (not named due to security reasons) IT security was highlighted as a vulnerability and identified as an area for improvement and investment. Shadowfax have extensive Cyber Security knowledge and are therefore able to perform highly sophisticated vulnerability scanning and testing.   Information has become increasingly valuable and as such it has become more attractive to hackers. Cyber crime is increasing both nationally and internationally at an alarming rate. As an IT Support & cyber security…

  • How your business can save time and money by switching to Microsoft Azure

      Microsoft Azure is a secure server based in the cloud that can be used to replace your physical on site server. It is more cost effective to rent server space via Azure than to invest the capital and expenditure needed to buy a physical server.   Microsoft Azure is available through Shadowfax.  Shadowfax serve customers in Essex and the South East including London. 5 big benefits of using Microsoft Azure for your business: COST SAVING - Servers are not only expensive to buy, they are also expensive to run - from taking up a large floor space, to needing certain room temperatures to be maintained.  Essentially Microsoft Azure is a…

  • Shadowfax placed in elite global technology list

      Shadowfax are a NextGen101 Winner! Shadowfax are delighted to be ranked among the best global MSP’s on the 2021 channel futures NextGen 101 rankings list. A managed service provider (MSP) is a company that manages a customer's IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, typically on a proactive basis and under a subscription model.   As a managed service provider Shadowfax provide a range of services to their customer base including IT Support, hardware and software, data back-up, recovery, data storage, communications, VOIP, cloud computing and essential IT infrastructure.