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SharePoint Online Overview

Hi All,

Welcome to the 3rd instalment of our #betyoudidntknowthat video series on all things Microsoft – with a main focus on Office 365, Office Desktop Suite and key Windows features.

This video we’ve taken a brief overview of the SharePoint Online portal.

Take a look at Video 3 here!

In text form – a brief overview of the video:

SharePoint Admin Centre

The high-level management of the SharePoint Online environment is controlled through the main Office 365 portal. By finding 'SharePoint' beneath the 'ADMIN' section on the left-hand menu. From here you can manage the centrally pooled storage and server resource quotas on a site by site basis. From this window you can also control the administrator privileges to each SharePoint site. You don't have to grant permission to a user to be able to administer the whole Office 365 portal, just the permission they need to administer individual SharePoint sites.

SharePoint Site Administration

Visit one of your SharePoint Sites ( and click 'Edit' on the top-right handside of the grey menu bar. This enables you to move the individual elements of the site around, just like a content management system for a normal website. You can make further customisations and additions of new widgets from this screen. 

Site Contents

To view all of the features & apps attached to your specific SharePoint Site you can click on 'Site Contents' in the left-hand menu. This shows the current active apps, alongside the ability to visit the SharePoint Store and add new Microsoft apps, along with many 3rd party apps built specifically to enhance SharePoint. Many of which can integrate with other 3rd party software that enriches the use of the SharePoint environment.

Office 365 Portal


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Sunday, 20 August 2017