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Getting the right IT infrastructure in place ensures your business runs smoothly and reduces the stress of downtime and managing IT issues in the future. We want to ensure all our clients have the best possible IT infrastructure and work with you to advise on how to make the most of your existing equipment, how you can improve your systems and the most suitable equipment for your business.

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Our Solutions

Hybrid Cloud

Leverage the benefits and scalability of cloud computing combined with your on-premise infrastructure to deliver efficient, modern solutions to the IT needs of your business.


Firewalls & Unified Threat Management

Keep your network and applications secure with a next generation firewall. They have intrusion prevention and detection systems, web filtering and perimeter AV on them to reduce the chance you are going to download something dangerous.


Anti-Virus & Web Security

We can provide a range of security products to protect the endpoints on your network. These products provide a key part of a combined security and defence solution for your infrastructure, Shadowfax have carefully selected vendors which offer a robust and easy to manage solution.



Email is now the number one security attack vector. Make email safe with email filtering, spam blocking, encryption, archiving, and backup.

Local Area Networking

Switches and routers form the backbone of your network. They connect all your devices up. Cloud-managed networks give greater visibility to assist with diagnostics.

Multi-Factor Authentication

We can help you to increase your security with zero-trust security and layered authentication. MFA means you need something else to log on other than just your password, so even if someone gets hold of your password they still can’t get in. Better systems have conditional access that only applies MFA if you at an unsafe location, i.e. away from your home network.


We can ensure you can securely access your network or provide secure guest access with systems from Cisco Meraki or Ubiquiti. These cloud-managed systems allow for rapid scalability as well as enterprise grade security and easy management.

Cloud Storage

With staff on the move or working remotely we can provide secure methods of data storage to enable your staff to have access to your data from anywhere.

Disk Encryption

Protect data at rest (not being moved around a network or internet), and secure data on disks against physical theft. Any disks removed from PCs/servers cannot be read by a third party.

Structured Cabling

Shadowfax can provide services to install physical network cabling into the fabric of your office or workplace, whether it’s running cabling in offices for PCs, around buildings for CCTV or wireless, or fibre-optic cabling for bandwidth critical links.

Server Hardware

We partner with Dell to provide enterprise-grade server solutions ranging from single branch-office servers to full blade infrastructure and everything in between. Full after-sales support means you can be safe in the knowledge that your system’s uptime will be maximised.

Data Storage

If you require dense storage we can provide this in the form of Network Attached Storage and storage area networks ranging in size and specification dependant on your organisation’s need. NAS storage will offer large file storage for organisations with lots of data to store whilst SANs will provide greater levels of storage performance for virtualisation and rapid data access.





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IT Support

Shadowfax delivers the right level of IT support to suit clients’ needs, from fully- outsourced to a cherry-picked collection of services to bolt onto your in-house team.

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Cloud Services

Whether your business needs complete cloud, or more of a hybrid cloud approach, we’re here to support any requirement from end to end.

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Backup & Recovery

We offer secure platforms for complete data backup and server imaging with managed monitoring and recovery.

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Professional Services

Whatever your active or future project demands are, we have the expertise, certifications and experience to provide you with the consultancy you need.

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Data Security

We offer a variety of solutions for professional data security practices to suit all requirements and budgets.

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Comms & VoIP

Shadowfax can deliver and manage a range of telephony, VoIP & communications solutions from analogue telephone lines to fibre-leased lines.

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Hardware & Software

Shadowfax supply a comprehensive range of hardware & software solutions ranging from end-user devices such as PCs & tablets to servers.

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Essential Infrastructure

We supply the back-bone IT infrastructure that allows us to deliver competitive, cutting- edge solutions for security, networking and wireless.

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