Is politeness impacting the environment?


How many times have you used email to say thank you? It seems like a simple and polite thing to do; a colleague does us a favour or completes their part of a project well or early and we are genuinely grateful so we automatically fire off a thank you email.


What you may not know is that every single email you send and receive (even spam) have a carbon footprint. Where does the carbon footprint of emails come from?

Emails are sent via your wifi router to the exchange - the green box on the corner of most streets, from there it is sent over to a data centre via a telecoms company.  Data centres are huge and take lots of electricity to run, as does the telecoms company, the exchange and your wifi router.

At Shadowfax we value the environment; we are corporate sponsors of our Essex wildlife trust and we run a paperless office as much as possible.  We also use Microsoft Teams as our primary internal communications tool as it has a lower carbon footprint than sending an email.

Sending less emails will have an impact on your carbon footprint.  Deleting emails is also useful in reducing your carbon footprint as it is one less email for the data centre to store (which ultimately means they run at a lower capacity using less electricity).

Reduce your carbon footprint by sending fewer emails and deleting any unnecessary or spam mails.



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Enables businesses to sit back and relax whilst we take care of all your IT requirements.

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A fully-managed outsourced IT helpdesk with a few useful added extras.

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Unlimited report support and 2hrs onsite support/mth, as well as annual asset reports.

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Everything you need to support up to 10 users with unlimited remote support from our helpdesk.

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Shadowfax delivers the right level of IT support to suit clients’ needs, from fully- outsourced to a cherry-picked collection of services to bolt onto your in-house team.

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Shadowfax can deliver and manage a range of telephony, VoIP & communications solutions from analogue telephone lines to fibre-leased lines.

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Shadowfax supply a comprehensive range of hardware & software solutions ranging from end-user devices such as PCs & tablets to servers.

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We supply the back-bone IT infrastructure that allows us to deliver competitive, cutting- edge solutions for security, networking and wireless.

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