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Professional Services

Our IT Consultancy & Engineering Services are offered to our clients across a wide-range of infrastructure demands, whether that be on-premise or in the cloud, involve network security or business continuity. We can help you from the ground up - building strategy and documentation, along with sourcing the most appropriate infrastructure products & managed services to meet your requirements.

Whatever your active or future project demands are, we have the expertise, certifications and experience to provide you with the valuable consultancy you need. Please Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Why Shadowfax?

Credibility & Competence

Our many years in business, qualifications, accreditations and experience allow us to confidently act as your credible & competent IT Consultant.

Unbaised Approach

We take an unbiased view to our consultancy and will not guide any client in a direction that isn't right for their business. We understand the value & place for both on-premise and cloud solutions, and will guide our client's in a individual way considering what's most appropriate.

Breadth & Depth

We believe in not only having a broad range of experience, but backing this up with a genuine deep level of knowledge across all services where we provide consultancy.


Our services are very relationship based and we are keen to ensure we make a strong connection with our clients. This helps us to best learn the needs & desires of our client's projects.

Range of Services

IT Infrastructure
A variety of Hardware & Software Solutions. Including Desktop, Server, Security, Backup/Recovery systems.
Networking Infrastructure including full design of topography for Security, Switching, Wireless and Communications solutions.
Infrastructure across Analogue/ISDN/IP Telephony, Broadband Connectivity & WAN solutions such as Leased Lines and MPLS.
The Cloud
Private/Public Cloud Solutions either 'off the shelf' or tailored to bespoke requirements.
Data Storage & Management systems, such as NAS/SAN/DAS, NetApp or the Cloud.
We can help client's achieve the best value from their infrastructure through such exercises as Virtualisation.

Our Expertise


We're experts all things Microsoft - across Windows Desktop operating systems, Windows Server and Microsoft Cloud services. Our engineers are trained & certified to Microsoft standards.


Have Apple Macs on your network too? No problem. We have the expertise to look after solo Mac networks or integrated mix of Windows & Mac machines.


We don't just look after the end-user devices, but the whole infrastructure. Our engineers are certified to Cisco standards in enterprise networking.


We're up on all things cloud. We work with the latest cutting-edge technologies to not only deploy new cloud services for clients, but continually maintain & support them too.