Why you need to urgently review and bolster your cyber security:

Malware attacks are increasing. Malware is short for malicious software and is an umbrella term for various types of cyber-attack. Cyber insurers noted a 260% increase in ransomware related claims in the first half of 2020. The amounts being demanded are increasing just as fast, with an average increase of 47% since 2019. There has also been a 667% increase in phishing attacks in 2020.

The implications of a successful Malware attack can be very serious; from lost days, weeks or months of working time to massive ICO fines for any resulting data breaches.




Ransomware is software which can be used to block access to a computer until large sums of money are paid or steal, delete or encrypt data. Malware is typically installed on a computer when a user clicks on a link, downloads a malicious attachment or opens a rogue software program. Once installed, attackers can use the malware to spy on your online activities, steal personal and financial information or use your device to hack other systems.


A virus is a malicious code that spreads rapidly infecting files and systems.



On the face of it, a Torjan looks great; it might appear in the form of a free upgrade or a free game. A Trojan, once installed, works behind the scenes to steal data.


The clue to this one is in the name; Spyware sees everything that a user does on the internet; typed a password – spyware has seen and collected it. Used a credit card? Again spyware has watched you do it. These are just some of the most common types of Malware that it is vital to ensure you are protected against; for the benefit of your own business, ICO Compliance, ISO27001 and the benefit of your staff and customers. Ramifications of Malware attacks are huge for businesses; both financially and in terms of reputation.


The best form of protection against malware is a multi-faceted approach. Shadowfax provide sophisticated anti-virus software that runs daily scans and on-access file scanning. Over 91% of targeted cyber-attacks start with an email so Shadowfax also provide email-filtering, spam blocking, encryption, archiving and backup. Shadowfax recommend that all their clients set up Multi-Factor Authentication to provide a vital extra layer of security. Shadowfax manage off site cloud based back-ups to ensure that in the unlikely event that an attack is successful the client has a full and easily available back up. Shadowfax also install and manage disk   email encryption meaning that if a device is stolen, data cannot be recovered and stolen.


Useful links for further reading:

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